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City Intern-City of Fort Wayne Beach Library

Posted: 02/04/2024

City Intern-City of Fort Wayne Beach Library


City Intern - City of Fort Wayne Beach Library

CLASSIFICATION: Student Employee

STATUS: Temporary, Non-exempt

PAYRANGE: $14.00

DEPARTMENT: Administrative - LibraryLOCATION: Fort Wayne Beach, Florida

REPORTS TO: Executive Director of Career Services


Organization Mission Overview:

The Fort Walton Beach Library is your gateway to a world of knowledge and enrichment. Our mission is straightforward: to make life better through the library. We believe in the power of open access to information and the transformative potential of reading, literacy, and lifelong learning.JOB SUMMARY:? Budget preparation and review- gain experience learning about the Library's various line items entries and the decision making for future planning processes used to determine next year's expenditures. One related specific project of analyzing a bulk book ordering system that the library uses to determine the per-item cost and evaluate the value and efficacy of the service.? Vendor relations - Interact with various vendors that the Library works with to supply their materials. Learn how these relationships with these vendors has been built and maintained and how these relationships help the library in its procurement process.? Networking - Participate in the networking events provided by our local Chamber ofCommerce and other community partners. Plan the Library's participation in an Early Learning April outreach.? Employee Onboarding - Redeveloping the library's onboarding experience for new hires. Use insight to help refine, improve, and increase the effectiveness of the City and Library's current process.? Planning - Develop a library program called Baby Music. Plan the themes, activities,publicity, and finances for this event, while working within the budget given. Work aside the library director and with staff and managers of other City departments on projects. These departments include, but are not limited to, Human Resources, Finance, Public Safety, and Recreation.


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